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 Presenting the Sunnah between the Hands of the Ummah 


Al-Imaam As-Saboonee, may Allah have mercy upon, said
And the signs of innovation upon its people are apparent, and the most clearest of their signs are, their severe enmity towards the Carriers of the Narrations of the Prophet Sallallaahu alaihe was-sallam 

Shaykh 'Ubayd Al-Jaabiree hafidhahullaah ----
whoever shows respect for the scholars, they speak well of them, and display love for them . 

This is based on what has been narrated from the Salaf, that they used to say, "Test the people of al-Madeenah by (asking them about) Maalik.
And test the people of Egypt by (asking them about) al-Layth ibn Sa'd. And test the people of Shaam by (asking them about) al-Awzaa'ee. And test the people of Mawsil by (asking them about) Mu'aafaa ibn 'Imraan." 

Shaykh Ibn Baaz : 

"Leave the Men at their levels"

At present times, a lot of differing is taking place in many countries, as well as arguments, transgression and the exchange of accusations and criticisms between those who affiliate themselves to the Sunnah and outwardly demonstrate that they are adhering to it. They do so without any correct reasons that would necessitate such behavior. The root causes of this phenomenon usually go back to two main causes:

Firstly: The ignorant, different categories of learners, people who have recently started practicing the religion and youth, all of whom prematurely put themselves forward on the podium of calling to the religion of Allaah, involving themselves in intricate matters of knowledge and wanting to lead others like them......( taken from forwarded email )

Clarification for the recent Corruptions , Slandering and Lies spread by the people who hide behind Dammaj and other Countries

بسم الله الرمن الرحيم                                           الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على من لا نبي بعده امابعد

 السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Salafi Dauwah being the true call of Islam and it has been always faced with the rumors & attacks. As we had established by the mercy of Allah the Salafi Dauwah in the land of Sri Lanka instead of all the enimity from the Ahulul Bidah and the corruption makers. Time to time Shaitaan is still trying to put down this Dauwah or atleast to confuse the people from it. 

The Ulemahs visited this land and realized our Dauwah , till today they are happy and encouraging us to keep up and others to cooperate with us. The Ulemahs those who visited are 

1. Shaykh Falah Ismaeel Munthikaar

2. Shaykh Muhammadh Ramadhan Al Hajurie 

3. Shaykh Abu Hatim Ali Bin Zaid Al Madhkali 

Instead of these Ulemahs' witness and support of cooperation we find certain Individuals without proper Islamic Knowledge and understanding causes the divisions and corruptions in the society. ..... for more dowload a eCopy here 

" Dammaj Dauwah & the Pro Dammaj Trouble Creators "
English Public lecture on the topic was scheduled and the date will be announced soon Insha Allaah, this is to clear the differences caused in Non-Arabian Lands. Any informations with evidences may mailed to [email protected], Inshallaah matters will be handled as accordingly for the Unity of the Salafi Dauwah.    
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Al Hidaya Foundation Sri Lanka  &   Masjidul Huda 

1. An organization hiding under the cloak of Salafiyyah to the outer World. May Allaah guide them or expose them. Hizbee in their Methodology and Jaahils in Aqeedah.

2. Refrain from ordering the Good and Forbiding the Evil and accuse those who are doing so..

3. Engineer & businessmen who hire Moulavis and carrying out Dawah (classes) activities.

4. They are together with another Hizbee organization named Dar as Salafiyyah
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We bring this as a clear message to all those who are concerned about the Manhajus Salafus Saalih, we should always know when it comes to the Da'uwah issues of our times, the leading Imaams of Sunnah of that particular times should be approached and be cooperative with them in da'uwah decisions...

Keeping this in mind, we should not rush into our own settlements as we desire, as this will only divide our unity. Although it could be hard on some of us for sometime .

So be it the Salafipublications or anyone we are not upon to judge on them, as long as the Ulemah As-Sunnah still praise them in their aqeedah and manhaj. We as well do that  we cannot walk away from the path of the Ulemah of Salaf or never can we choose it on the cost of anything Insha  Allah.

but for salafipublications we are clear that they are salafi...
only we say what the Ulemah said to them..
and to keep up with the advice of the Ulemah..
which is posted in our site as well in their site.

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