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Tibbun Nabavi 

Islam is a religion which was sent by Allaah Subhanahuthaala to Mankind and commands the Mankind to follow the foot steps of his Prophet Muhammadh Sallallaahu alaihiwasallaam on every aspects of life i.e. be it on his faith,worship,dealings,dressiness,Manners and being a Patient

So the prophetic Medicines are nothing but a revelation revealed to him. So it is more a religious practice than a Medicine or a Healing. It is only Islam that which directs the Mankind in every aspects of their life. This is another instance of example for it that which guides the Mankind with simple and unique methods of healing where Mankind could not imagine of it. 

Ummathul Islamiya that which has lost its religion and binding and abiding other religious thoughts and practice as a practice of Sunnah in theirs all aspects of life, they have not left this Medicine side also. As we witness today that Muslims worship Grave as like Idols and claims it as Tawhid but it is an similar act of Idol worship Shirk; and they completely put their trust on Western Medicine and Doctors and Ignored the Tawhid of Tawakkul and Cure of Allaah.

So it is a obvious truth that Prophetic Medicine, the Tibbun Nabavi has been abandoned by our Muslims. So its time that we return back to our Religion of Allaah and solely depend on him and his commands which were directed in Al Quran and Sunnah as to the understandings of Sahaba. 

By the mercy and blessings of Allaah, Our Shaykh As Saylani hafidhahullaah has started his Dawah Salafiyyah in 1998 onwards in this land of SriLanka Where you find every nook and corner an Idol. Alhamdulillaah his call of Tawhid and establishment of it in his self, has attracted many into this Manhaj of Prophets. His repeated lessons on belief in Allaah that which grabbed a community towards it and who realized it that they should give importance to Tawhid and Sunnah.

In this process, he has awaken many Prophetic traditions, which were not even known to the Islam learned person of this country such as the leading Party ACJU which claim them as Jammiyathul Ulemah. So In it we have chosen to spread some of the Prophetic tradition in the field of Cure and Medicine.
Insha allaah we will be listing details in the near future. Please await.

We are posting an audio for your kind perusal that which is an evidence that awakened sunnah has reached to the Community.
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