Dar As Salaf 

 Presenting the Sunnah between the Hands of the Ummah 

Madrasa Conditions

1 - Parents/Guardians should be among those who accept the Salaf Methodology.
2 - Parents/Guardians confirm they will not keep in touch with any innovators in religious issues.
3 - Parents/Guardians agree to the definitions adopted by ACSC on the Salaf and the Ahlul Bid'ah Methodology.
4 - Parents/Guardians should show their open cooperation with ACSC and the ACSC associated bodies always.
5 - Parents/Guardians should attend the Salaf Eid Khutbahs. Without proper exceptional reason participation in the Ahlul Bid'ah Jummah, Eid Khutbah will be considered into doubtful and questionable position.
6 - Those who has been decided by ACSC as innovators keeping in touch with them will lead to termination of the children from the Madrasa.
7 - Those who create crises in our matters by them or their children, the student will be terminated from the Madrasa without any previous notice.
8 - Parents/Guardians if would turn into too much of unwanted questionable position after inquiry their children will be dismissed from the Madrasathus Salafiya.
9 - Students if proved of watching TV or Films, compensation will be laid upon them. Only after the compensations are paid the student will be allowed into the classroom.
10- Mobiles, TV Games, Magazines, similar items if found in the bags of the students it would be obtained by the Office. Compensations will be laid upon the students.
11- Least compensation will not be less than Sri Lankan Rupees 1000/-
12- Parents/Guardians should return the children after holidays at time. Otherwise every day will be laid a compensation not less than LK Rupees 5000/-
13- Sick Students would be sent back home till recover once ACSC cannot handle it.
14- All conflicts caused by the students during the study life time has to be considered and confirmed by the ACSC Office.
15- Parents/Guardians should keep in touch with the ACSC Office to contact the students.
16- No decorations dresses are allowed only uniform or the Sunnah dress is allowed.
17- Students will avoid all contacts from anyone other than the ACSC provided teachers/care team/Office.
18- No student are allowed to move out from the ACSC premises to any place without any written permission.
19- Any haraam act will not be tolerated by the student and will have to face the compensation to remain in the Madrasa. 
20- Every repeated mistake will carry the double of the compensation laid.
21- Parents/Guardians should cooperate and agree to all the actions and decisions of the ACSC administration.
22- All payments are non refundable.

Fees Structure

Year 1439 Hijri - 2017/2018

22 - All students will be accepted upon interview.
23 - Admission fees is US$ 300
24 - Start of Admission will be by paying the Admission Fees when accepted.
25 - All Monthly Fees are to be paid for every six months before the given date
26 - Monthly Fees US$ 200. Annual amount will be US$ 2400 
27 - 50% of the annual amount - US$ 1200 - is to be paid before the 15th May 2017.
28 - Remaining 50% US$ 1200 to be paid before 20th of August 2017
29 - All Fees are non refundable.
30 - Any delay on payments will allocate the student for the next admission year.


Student Study Majlis Area

Admission Procedure

After interview the student are eligible for Admission.
Admission fees is the starting process of documenting the student to the Madrasa


Monthly Fees 50% to be accepted 
Remaining 50% to be paid before the start of Hijri year.

Come first to be served first.

Pls collect the following to be uploaded before you can fill in the below form

1 - Student Passport Copy
2 - Parents/Guardian Passport Copy
3 - Student Birth Certificate
4- Recommendation letter. 
5- Character certificate from residing area authority.
6- Parent/Guardian confirmation letter of agreeing with the conditions of ACSC
7- Previous School Certificate Copy.

An Idea is Born

We look forward to bringing up an educated and practicing community of Da'ees who could be able to bring the Manhajus Salaf into their respective areas.

All those interested to dedicate their life for the Salafi Da'uwah may get themselves involved with us in this project.