Dar As Salaf 

 Presenting the Sunnah between the Hands of the Ummah 

Educational Calendar

Educational Year

1 - Muharram start of the new education year

2 - 15th Ramadan Vacation to home / Revision of the educated materials

3 - 10th Shawwaal Examination of all the year educated materials

4 - Zill Hajj results of all subjects

New Student Admission Procedure

1 - Application for Admission

2 - Interview & Admission before Ramadan - 15th May 2017

3 - 1st Payment of 50% before 1st Week of Ramadan - 30th May 2017

4 - 2nd Payment of 50% before end of Zil Hil Qa'dah - 20th August 2017

5 - Arrival to the Madrasa before end of Zil Hajj - 10th September 2017

Important Tips

1 - Qur'aan Hifz activity performance leads the student to gain gifts of reference books. 

2 - The harder the student study the better he gets chances in collecting the required educational materials as gift from the Madrasa.

3 - Parents / Guardians should be prepared to support the student with the required educational reference books to continue their studies in the Madrasa.

4 - Yearly the students will need to upgrade their Islamic Library of Reference Books. 

5 - Student should allocate total reading and consultation to keep with our program.

Travelling, Vacation & Sick Holidays

1 - Every 15th of Ramadan the student is given time to visit his country

2 - Vacation travelling expense should be taken by the Parent / Guardian of the Student.

3 - Visa validity should be maintained by the student. Any failure of it will be the responsibility of the student.

4 - Any expulsion of the student due to wrong conduct or legal issues which might lead them to travel back to their countries Parents / Guardians should take the total responsibility of all the expenses.

5 - Sick of the student will be determined by the Madrasa Office. Only if necessary vacation will be provided. If required for return to home country Parents / Guardians should take the total expenses.

The Education life

1 - Students from the arrival till the exit to the airport are to remain in the given premises of the Madrasa.

2 - No any type of connection or link with other than the Educational team is tolerated.

3 - Society mingling is to be avoided totally during the education life in the Madrasa.

4 - Strict usage of time should be adopted by the student to coach himself with our syllabus.


Education Procedure


The old students from their vacations and the new student arrival is expected in the month of Zil Hajj at the Bandaranaike International Airport. Arrangements are made to collect them as according to their arrival schedule.

Muharrum Start

Upon the student arrival to our Madrasa they are prepared for the Salafi system of education. 

Time schedule settings and student preparation for the study program is the outmost efforts attended on the student.

Our Students

Study Materials are provided to the student from the Madrasa. While the Reference books are to be produced by the student to start the education activities.

Anyway new students would not need to get any Reference Books for the first year as their materials are available upon arrival