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 Presenting the Sunnah between the Hands of the Ummah 

Creed of Ahulus Sunnah Wal Jamah

As we see Prophet Muhammad sallaahu alaihi wasalam when he was followed by his companions, the human race at the time of ignorance .( at the Jaahiliyah time of the peninsular of Arabia). They lived a life of a mass destruction of ignorance of which all type of damage for human race was a normal thing for that society.

However when they adopted the oneness of Allaahu Subhanahu wa ta’ala and followed the footsteps of sallaahu alaihi wasalam then they became the leaders to the human race. Till today Sahabha ridwanillaahi ajmayeens are taken as guides and leaders. This is  only for 2 reasons. 

i.e. Their belief in the oneness of Allaahu Subhanahu wa ta’ala & their following towards Prophet Muhammad sallaahu alaihi wasalam..

When we say that their belief in the oneness of Allaahu Subhanahu wa ta’ala means, We should know our Creator Allaah subhanahuthaala. Therefore, to know about the Oneness of Allaah Subhanahuthaalaa i.e the Tawheed....

A Brief explanation about Foundation of Faith from the book of Imam Ibn Qudamah al Maqdsi (d620h) Main guidelines of Aqeedah Part 1 2 3 4

April / May seminar 2010 Wasithiya's explanation in Islamic creed lesson 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08,09, 10, 11 12, 13, 14,15, 16, 17 (END)

April / May seminar 2010 Lumathul  I'thikad 1 2 3 4 5 6[END]

Usoolus Sunnah May / Dec 2012 Arabic / English Classes
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Thalikathul Salafiya Al Aqeedathul Wasitiya -- Commenty of Shaykh Abu Abdur Rahuman Yahya Silmy hafidhahul mowla for the book of Imam Ibn Taimiyah Al Aqeedatul Wasitiya.
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Class 1  - DEC 14th 2012 - Introduction of the book and matter of starting with Bismillaah hir rahmaanir raheem  
Class 2   -  Jan 04th 2013 - The usage matter of Basmallaah and Shaykh Albani rahimahullaah's talk on the narration and shrinking it as 786 and Amulets and Jinn effects of shortened digital verse
Class 3  -  Alhamdulillaah and its meaning and wisdom behind it
Class 4  -  Feb 08th 2013 - Explanations of the wordings that Prophets were sent by Allaah and Refutaions and Clarifications about the claim of Buddha as a Prophet in Islam

 Aqeedathul Wasithiya --  Thanbeehaathul latheefa alaa maa athawath alihe al aqeedathul wasithiya minal mabahithathul haneefa

Author : Shaikh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah

Sharah of Imaam Abdur Rahman Nasir as-Sa'di with the footnotes of Imaam Abdul Azeez bin Baaz Explained by Sheikh Abu Abdur Rahman Yahya Silmy as-Saylani . Following Audio series is the explanation of the classical text of Ibn Taymiyyah, Aqeedatul-Waasitiyyah in which he outlines the beliefs of the Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah.  

Duroos conducted @ Masjid as-Salaf

Proper consideration has been taken into organizing system that this education should be provided from the basic level of education in Aqedah ( Creed ). This has been specially organized to who were interested to learn the Salaf Aqeedah, and as well present this as an standard package for any other areas to benefit from the study of Aqeedathul Waasthiya praying to Allaah that he bestow to the best of it's rewards in Our Shaykh Yahya's grave when he be laid on it alone only with his deeds. Ameen..

As Aqeedathul Waasthiya is out standing book among the books of Aqeedah in exposing the facts and the basic of Ahulus Sunnah wal Jamah Aqeedah. Those who enjoy this will be only those who are interested about Ahulus Sunnah wal Jamah..

Careful steps have been taken into consideration that the basic information of the Creed of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamah to be provided for all those who follow whole set of audios. For strong and better grounds on Aqeedah subject this course cannot be taken.  Further detail has to be elaborated for better grounds on Aqeedah as this course is only considered to base the Aqeedah basics. The Special consideration is to be given to divert the students to the books of the Ulemah of Ahulus sunnah wal Jamah  Insha allaah .

Points covered in the Study

01. Introduction to the Book, Author, Subject & the methodology of the course
02. Description of beginning a session as to Sunnah
03. Meaning of Shahadah
04. The Saved Sect, its faith & the other sects and faiths.
05. A description on the five pillars of Islam.
06. Certain methods of the deviated sects in their belief Tahreef, Ta'teel, Tamtheel, Tha'theel and the reasoning.
07. Knowing Allah with which Allah glorified Himself or by His Messenger.
08. Affirmation and negation of the Attributes of Allaah
09. Basics for understanding the Attributes of Allaah.
10. Some Attributs of Allaah
11. The Attribute of Allah's Knlowledge, Hearing, Seeing, Interntion, Love, Justice, Mercy, Pleasure, Wrath, Curse & Coming down to Earth..
12. The Attribute of Face, Eyes, Hands, grip, planning, devising & pardoning etc...
13. The Attribute of Negation & Istawa and its meaning.
14. Meaning of Companionship & Worship with Allah 
15. Attribute of Speech, The Seeing of the believer Allaah in the Hereafter.
16. General Remarks about the Verses on Attributes
17. Siome Attributes of Allah from Sunnah
18. Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah position among the other sects of Ummah. 
19. Asecndance of Allah over the Throne & its meaning.
20. To have faith in the Attributes of Allah which he qualified for Himself & the unknown ( Al - Ghaieeb )
21. Belief in Qadar ( Divine Estimation ) 
22. Definition of Imaan ( Faith) and its conditions.
23. The views of Ahlus Sunnah towards the Sahabas ( Companion of Messenger sallallaahu alaihi wassallum )
24. Ahlus Sunnah love the members of the family of the Prophet
25. The position of Sahaba in the Ummah.
26. Ahlus Sunnah & its belief in Karamat of Auliya.
27. Ahlus Sunnah follow the Sunnah of the Prophet.
28. Ahlus Sunnah follow the basic principles of Shariah.